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The 7-Figure Wellness Business Summit will deliver to you:

  • Leading experts with proven success in a variety of topics including on-line tips and tools!
  • Mindset coaching that you can implement TODAY!
  • Take-aways and free gifts to help you WIN at the game of life!
  • Short and succinct videos that you can view from your office, home or on the road!
  • Stories, life experience and lessons… so that you don't make mistakes that will cost you time and money!

Featuring Experts As Seen On:


Dr. Vincent Pedre

Dr. Tom O'Bryan

Dr. Keesha Ewers

Karl Krummenacher
Mindshare Summit

Chris Smith

Nicole Willis
Designs for Health

Julia Zaslow

Caia Taback
Natural Partners

Debra Atkinson

Dr. Lauren Noel

Dr. Jessica Peatross

Robert Hughes

Maggie Berghoff

Stephen Ezell

Dr. Debbie Bright

Dr. Joe Tatta

Laya Raznick

Shannon Garrett

Dr. Jessica Drummond

Dr. Diana Hoppe

Aaron Keith

Carol Lourie

Reed Davis

Dr. Nasha Winters

Krystal Jackson


privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you